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Carpet Magnet

Carpet Magnet


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Pick up metal objects before they get swept up into the vacuum and cause harm.

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22 x 2" Aluminum Squeegee floor tool

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4.5' x 2" Aluminum Wand

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2" wet/Dry Attachment set

Economy Pad Driver

Economy Pad Driver


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Economical Tri-lok plastic pad driver with riser and built in UP2P clutch plate.

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24" front mount squeegee kit for Poly Wet/Dry Vac

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15' x 2" neoprene Hose w/molded-in cuff

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Replacement squeegee for P15/S15 Wet-Dry Vac

Grit Brush Extra Heavy

Grit Brush Extra Heavy


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The most agressive grit available. This heavy gauge nylon with larger grit is used for

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No-drip spray detailer tool. 4.5" wide.

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12" professional drag wand, up to 500 psi, chrome with 2 jets.

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No-drip spray detailer tool. 3.5" wide.

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24" front mount squeegee kit for Stainless Wet/Dry Vac

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Fits Tornado P15/S15 wet-dry vacs

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10' x 1.5" poly hose with swivel sleeve, double curved 1.5" wand, 14" squeegee floot

Wonder Wand

Wonder Wand


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Wonder Wand, 3 Jet, 1000 P.S.I., For use with Full size extractors

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4.0 gallon solution tank. Includes hose & hardware. Fits all standard floor machines.

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